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Early Childhood Centres

Empower your children, families and educators with the tools they need to live a happy and healthy life. Take your centre to the next level.


Parents - 1-5 yrs

The most rapid development is in the first 5 year of your child’s life, that is why it is so important. Everything that follow must be built upon these foundations.


Parents - 6-12

Schools Done, now its time for fun! After school sport help to pushed the refresh button on your child’s brain after a big day of academic learning


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GrowFit kids have fun!

GrowFit provides specialised early childhood health education and gross motor development classes within early learning centres.

We provide an opportunity for children and their families to make small lifestyle changes, which will encourage and promote positive health awareness and knowledge. This takes place in a safe and educational environment, where children can strengthen both mind and body, whilst developing self-confidence and personal motivation.

Above all, GrowFit is dedicated to delivering the message to children that ‘Being Fit Is FUN’

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