Once again, GrowFit has partnered with Shoes for Planet Earth to help collect shoes for children and families in need. We asked parents and families to provide us with any of their old sporting shoes or runners. Over the course of 10 weeks, we saw a phenomenal amount of shoes pouring in across NSW. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of so many families.
Combined, we collected over 1750 pairs of good first and second hand shoes. 1750 pairs! That’s a lot of shoes!

Last Friday, the GrowFit team all came together to sort, clean and pack all donated shoes. We were fortunate enough to have the Founder of Shoes for Planet Earth, Viv Kartsounis, attend the meeting to say a few words about the work her and her team are so very passionate about.

We collected shoes at our beautiful partnered early learning centres, from Katoomba to Campbelltown, Vaucluse to Mona Vale on the Northern Beaches, where I head up my team.

We know your shoes are going to make life that little bit easier for so many families, but you have also saved over 1750 pairs of shoes from ending up in a landfill for an extra period of time.

Our planet is in crisis from our poor ethical use of clothing. Over many years, humans have created a lifestyle that sees us consuming way more then we need to. With the rise of Instagram and many other social media platforms, came a huge burst in fashion. Fast fashion is literally killing our planet.

Did you know each year Australia sees around 16.7 million pairs of shoes just in peoples houses alone? The average person will throw out over 6kg of clothing a year! Now when you think about how many billions of people there are on this earth and what we’re doing to our planet. Imagine what goes to a landfill! In America alone an estimated 300 million shoes go to the landfill – every year!

So think about the impact worldwide. It’s literally mind-blowing. Every shoe you save and every shoe you don’t purchase counts.

Sad isn’t it.

Special thanks must go to Viv Kartsounis for creating such a wonderful foundation to help people and help to save the planet from over-consumption of shoes. Hands and Feet in Blacktown for taking in every single pair of shoes that were donated.

To Lyndsay Webb and The Cool Mums Of Ryde District the Facebook group for donating over 200 pairs of shoes!  Well done you should be proud. 

To Vicky, who’s daughter attended Explore and Develop Leichhardt for putting the word out to her connections and raising a whopping 100 pairs on her lonesome.

Massive thank you to Sun Valley Preschool in the Hills District donating over 150 pairs of shoes!

Well done to the team at GrowFit for helping to pull this all together and sorting and counting the immense pile of shoes! We really appreciate everything you do for us, you really go above and beyond.

To Steve and his team at ButterStream Designs for making everything look pretty, and Toby Shain from Images for Business, Alexandria, for capturing everything on film and the awesome time lapses.

Last but not least, thank you to our founder Mike Searson for always going above and beyond to help the community.

Eryn Parker


Area Manager

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