2017 Run2Cure

We had an amazing time at the QBE Run2Cure Neuroblastoma 2017 on Sunday the 4th! The day raised over $170 000 for Neuroblastoma Australia, it was such an honour to be involved!! Thanks to everyone for all their support for our superhero result!

The morning began bight and early, Pat and I arrived at the Domain at 6am sharp to drop all our equipment off. My FJ cruiser was fully pack with soccer goals, tennis nets, balls, stilts and much much more. It was quite exciting, this being the biggest event we’ve partnered with, so we didn’t really know what to expect. We were stopped out the front of the museum for the first of 3 security checks and proceeded to drive into mini city that was being built from the ground up. A huge stage with speakers two stories high, a Porsche Macan sitting on a little podium and about 50 marquees being erected by volunteers in high vis vests. The place was a buzz and everyone knew they were there for a great cause.

At 6:30 the 10km runners started to gather around and begin their warm up, it all happened so fast. First the 10k’s then the 5k’s runners, then the 3k’s. Everyone with huge smiles and rubbling their hands together and jumping around to keep warm. Although it was brisk, I never once heard a complaint from anyone about the temperature. Chloe Esposito took the mic and said a few words, as well as Neuroblastoma Australia’s founder Lucy. We were all there for a import cause, to raise money and aware to stop the cancer that is killing the highest number of children in Australia, neuroblastoma.

There was pony rides, facing painting, fitness challenges, rock climbing, jumping castles, food trucks. GrowFit ran an art and craft stall and Chloe’s Challenge, which was or interpretation of the modern pentathlon. The little hero’s 1 km fun run was a highlight for me, the kids and their parents all dressed up in super hero costumes, with everything from Batman to Pokemon. Children racing their parents or being carried on their shoulders, it was such a perfect way to come together to support the children and their families going through this awful decease. Saying, this has to end! We have to fined a cure!

Over three thousand people came together on the day and together we raise over $170000. This is such an amazing response and I am so honoured to have been part of it.

Money is still being raise and help is always welcome! GrowFit is committed to the cause!

Same time next year, lets beat this!