2018 Shoe Drive is Ending Soon!

A small effort from you will make a huge difference to the quality of life of so many children!

We are asking GrowFit families to donate new and second hand children’s shoes. In particular we are looking for children’s sports shoes and soccer boots.

Last year saw we collect over 500 pairs of usable and good quality shoes! That’s 500 pairs of shoes shipped to give to people in need. 500 pairs of shoes that won’t be going to landfill. 500 pairs of shoes that will change peoples lives. These shoes were sent to Papua New Guinea to Life PNG. Life PNG has an orphanage who gratefully accepted the shoe donation.This year we are asking you again to donate your old shoes.

Please ensure the shoes you donate:

  1. NO HOLES AND GOOD SOLES. It is not worth shipping shoes to an orphanage in Southern Africa if they are broken! We want to send shoes that will last a whole winter.
  2. CLEAN! Would you like to receive a dirty pair of shoes? They can be hand scrubbed or washed on a short cold cycle in the washing machine. Best dried in the sun stuffed with newspaper – no tumble trying please as it destroys the shoe.

Photos from WIRE Soccer Academy in Kenya

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Thank you for your help!

Mike Searson

Founder / CEO