🚨🚨COVID 19: GrowFit Announcement🚨🚨

Tuesday was a day I never thought possible in my 10 year of business. In the space of a week, the company we had built over the last decade was falling apart around us.
As soon as possible we took measures to overdrive our hygiene and cleaning procedures as well as updating our policy’s and working with our centres to keep our customers confidence.
However, our team of personal trainers were refused entry to centres due to threat of Covid-19 by over 70% of our centres in the first 2 days of this week. We had no choice but to pause all classes for the own safety of our team, the safety of our centre partners, their educators and most importantly your children. The majority of our customers and the industry believe that it was unsafe for us to be in the centre due to the virus, so the decision was made and I stand by my decision.
Let me assure you, it was a very hard day for me and the entire GrowFit team.

I know a lot of people have questions about make up classes and dates we Are starting back in Term 2. Let me assure you that we are endeavouring to have all the answers to every question. But until we know the extent of the situation at hand and just how badly this Pandemic has affected us, a small family business, I don’t have them just yet.
As soon as I do have answers we will let everyone know.

PLEASE do bear with us right now during this difficult time.

TODAY IS A NEW DAY, we need to regroup and take stock, if we have any hope of being able to continue bring our quality health and fitness classes to early learning centres and OOSH’s across NSW and VIC once it is deemed safe to reenter our workplace.

But we don’t want the kids to have to miss out! So we’ve push forward the launch of our interactive Da Fit Club Online Membership, we’ve got loads of games for you (parents) or educators to keep kids engaged and energised!

Da Fit Club Online is NOW Live – Join our FREE online portal.


Are you looking down the barrel of 2 or 3 weeks at home with the kids? Spend some quality time together, you know it will do you the world of good too!

Please share the video; staying fit and strong is a fantastic way to remain HEALTHY!

And remember

Being Fit is Fun!

Mike Searson

Founder / CEO