Our goal is to work to support

ELC’s, Family Daycare & OOSH services

To ensure all children have the opportunity to GrowFit

Building competent, capable, caring humans.

Our role is to facilitate learning in a safe and encouraging environment.


Every child learns at their own pace and has the ability to judge their own risk… to a point.

Who we

work best with.

Current partners include:

We could all benefit from a little more

Wouldn’t you say?

The children, the educators, the community.

GrowFit 2U

     GrowFit 2U

  • All programs are 10 weeks in length following the school term.

  • Facilitated within your centre or at a local park

  • All Early Years classes are 30 minutes, Primary School age are 45 minutes in length.

  • GrowFit trainer arrives 15 minutes prior to the first class to assist your team with set up.

Our GrowFit                            team is an eclectic bunch.<br />
Each flower as unique as the last. Arranged of mothers, fathers, early childhood teachers, personal trainers, yoga instructors and passionate positive people on a mission to make moving fun. Planted - nurtured - flowering Trained - mentored - certified
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GrowFit 2U

Why did you choose to be in,

early childhood education?

Typically it is a combination of these three: