Catching & Throwing Games

Gross Motor Exercise 1 – Musical Bounce

You’ll need per child:

  • 1 Ball
  • Music placer

Benefits for children 

  • Increase Hand to eye coordination
  • Increase Ball handling skills
  • Increase Grip strengthens
  • Increase Eye focusing
  • Increase Catching skills
  • Increase Listening and comprehending skills
  • Increase Gross Motor Development

How it works

When the music starts the children bounce and catch the ball. When the music stops the children have to grab their ball and not let it touch the ground again, until the music is played again.

Simple Steps

  1. Play some upbeat music
  2. Encourage the children to bounce the ball onto the ground and catch it into their chest.
  3. Pause the music
  4. Children hug the ball into their chest
  5. Play the music again and repeat the game until the song ends.