Kicking & Hand to Eye Games

Gross Motor Exercise 10 – Boot the buckets

You’ll need per child:

  • 3 Buckets
  • 1 Cone
  • 1 Soccer Ball


  • Increase hand to eye coordination
  • Increase eye focusing
  • Increase kicking skills
  • Improve targeted kicking
  • Increase balance
  • Improve stacking skills

Set Up 

Set up a pyramid of upside-down buckets

2 meters away from that place the ball on top of the cone.

How it works

Children have to kick the ball into the buckets, attempting to knock them down.

Once they are knocked down they then have to stack them back up again.

Simple Steps

  1. Set up the buckets and ball
  2. Encourage the children to kick the ball into the bucket attempting to knock the buckets down.
  3. Then encourage the children to stack the buckets up again

To increase the difficulty by encouraging them to take a step further back without letting it bounce more then once