Kicking & Hand to Eye Skills  

Gross Motor Exercise 14 – Dinosaur Eggs

You’ll need per group of children:

  • 10 Soccer Balls
  • 1 Tunnel
  • Two Soccer Goals
  • Parachute


  • Increase Hand to eye coordination
  • Increase Eye focusing
  • Increase Throwing skills
  • Increase Balance

Set the Scene

The children hop in a time machines which takes the back 100 million years to the when the Dinosaurs roamed the planet.

Set Up 

Place a the Soccer balls in between two soccer nets pushed together, these are the eggs

Place the parachute on the ground, this is the time machine

Educator holds the tunnel so both ends are together.

How it works

Children hop under the parachute which is the time machine, when the educator pulls the parachute off the children they are have to feed the T Rez the dinosaurs eggs before it eats them.

Simple Steps

  1. Set up the soccer balls in the nets and place the parachute on the ground
  2. Children are encouraged to go under the parachute
  3. The educator pulls the parachute off the children with a ROAR and holding the tunnel pretending to be the T Rez
  4. The children are then encouraged to retrieve the eggs and throw them into the mouth of the T Rez before it eats them

By placing the tunnel over the top of the children you can replicate the T Rez eating them and the spitting them out