Catching & Throwing Games

Gross Motor Exercise 7 – Hot Potato

You’ll need:

  • 5 tennis balls
  • Bucket


  • Increase hand to eye coordination
  • Increase eye focusing
  • Increase depth perception
  • Increase catching skills
  • Increase throwing skills
  • Increase team work

Set Up 

Children stand in a circle, with a bucket in the middle of the circle

Set the Scene 

Tell the children they are in a giant kitchen and they are the chiefs.

The tennis balls are the potatoes and the have just come out of the pot, so they are very hot.

How it works

While the children are standing in a circle they pass the hot potato to the person next to them. After a while the educator calls out BACK IN THE POT! The children holding the ball have to then try to throw the ball into the bucket.

Simple Steps

  1. Encourage the children to stand in a circle and place a bucket or basket in the middle.
  2. Educators starts with one ball and then increases the balls that are going around based on the ability of the children.
  3. Educator calls out “Back in the pot”
  4. The children holding the ball at the time have to try to throw the ball into the bucket in the middle of the circle.
  5. Repeat until every child has had a turn of throwing the potato into the pot.