Catching & Throwing Games 

Gross Motor Exercise 9 –  Bucket Bounce

You’ll need between two children:

  • 1 Tennis
  • 2 Cones
  • 1 Bucket


  • Increase hand to eye coordination
  • Increase eye focusing
  • Increase depth perception
  • Increase catching skills
  • Increase throwing skills
  • Increase team work

Set Up 

Place two cones on the ground about 2 meters apart.

Children stand next to the cone facing each other

One child is given a tennis ball, the other a bucket

How it works

Children have to work together, one bounces the ball off the ground, while the other catches it in their bucket.

Simple Steps

  1. Encourage the children to stand facing each other standing next to their cones.
  2. The child with the ball is encouraged to bounce the ball on the ground and into the other child’s bucket.
  3. Encourage the bucket holder to help by trying to catch the ball with the bucket.

To increase the difficulty by encouraging them to take a step further back without letting it bounce more then once