Focus and Skills – Teamwork, following instructions and balance and coordination.

Game One: Parachute with Balls

– The trainer will explain that children will hold on to the edge of the parachute and attempt to keep the balls bouncing on top without falling off.

– Children will be encouraged to use teamwork to manoeuvre balls around parachute, while simultaneously bouncing.

Game Two: Parachute Spin

– children will be instructed to hold the parachute with one hand and move in a unison circular motion.

– Scaffolding – increase the speed and then change directions.

Game Three: Sleeping Giants

– Children will shake the parachute simultaneously up and and down. On the trainers instruction they will then gather under parachute and pretend to be asleep.

– The trainer will perform the giant rhyme and children will wake up with the parachute released.

***Week 2 – Practise, Revise and Scaffold***

Based upon the age and ability of your class, your trainer will personally tailor a parachute gross motor session to suit the needs of the group. This could mean revising over the same group based games as last week or focussing in on one particular skills, such as moving in unison with the parachute or balancing balls on the parachute. Please speak with your GrowFit Trainer to find out what specific skills they will be focussing on.

We are now in our third year of having GrowFit partner with us.ย I am always on the lookout for extra curricula activities which complement our programs at PPK. GrowFit programs follow the NQF/EYLF, and have qualified and friendly staff who bring energy to the fresh physical experiences they provide to our centre. GrowFit tick all the boxes I look for in a service provider; high quality, professional, and child directed at all times.

Samar Khalaf โ€“ Director/Owner of Putney Playground Kindergarten

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