Choosing the location to leave your precious little one makes anyone nervous!<br />
Congratulations, you've made a great decision on your service!  Building a positive relationship to being active and moving more everyday.<br />
Ensuring all children have the opportunity to learn, grow and play.<br />
We could all benefit from a little more fun. Wouldn't you say? The children, the educators, the community...

Build gross motor, reaction, coordination and balance

Build problem solving, information processing, memory and pattern recognition skills

Build collaboration skills, empathy and communication

Build confidence, persistence and a passion for living a happy healthy life

Our mission is to<br />
Make Moving Fun! Founded back in 2008<br />
with two national awards to our name </p>
<p>Now over 2500 children every week
The first 5 years set the foundations

Our classes are only run in ELC’s, FDC’s & OOSH services. 


Parents heart GrowFit
Coco and Kathleen

Coco love’s her centre Rose Cottage so much, but Thursday mornings are the easiest!

She practically pushes us out the door, GrowFit Day!

She’s actually getting really good at catching too and really confident with her coach Dave.

One of the reasons we chose Rose Cottage was because they actually had a movement and music program for the babies room, most centres didn’t offer that.

I love seeing her so happy, way less Mum guilt 😂


specialised programs

are designed to empower, explore and excite.

     GrowFit 2U

  • All programs are 10 weeks in length following the school term.

  • Facilitated within your service or at a local park

  • All Early Years classes are 30 minutes, Primary School age are 45 minutes in length.

  • GrowFit trainer arrives 15 minutes prior to the first class to assist your team with set up.

On top of all the fun, games and development

our programs



Who will be

facilitating the actual classes?

And what experience do they have with kids…


Our GrowFit                            team is an eclectic bunch.<br />
Each flower as unique as the last. Arranged of mothers, fathers, early childhood teachers, personal trainers, yoga instructors and passionate positive people on a mission to make moving fun. Planted - nurtured - flowering Trained - mentored - certified
seemless enrolment
easy access
money back guarantee
No uniform fees

How we charge

  • Based per week, per location.

  • Prices do include GST.

  • We need a minimum 10 enrolled to facilitate the class.

  • Cancel any time we understand how life happens.

If you have any questions call Mike now 0408292131


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The future is bright

when we remember to

Learn to play
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