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Category: Inservice Workshop

Cost per person: $100 plus GST

Workshop sizes: 6 – 20 people

Duration 2 hrs

*Prices are based on services within 100km of Sydney



In a workplace as unpredictable as an early childhood centre, educators and leadership teams move between standing, twisting, lifting and bending; followed by long periods of sitting stationary while putting a little one to sleep, seated on the floor or even sitting at a tiny table with the children. This is where injuries can happen, leading to issues such as long term back problems, knee problems and migraines.

This workshop will help you and your team reflect on your current work health and safety policies and procedures, risk management practices and understand how to strengthen and stretch the correct muscles based on their role. They will then learn how to incorporate these new skills into their everyday lesson plans.

Learning Outcomes

  • Defining correct bending, standing, sitting and lifting techniques
  • Defining health and safety in the centre based on their role
  • Practical preventative strategies for educators

Links to NQS: QA7

So, if you’re ready for less staff sick days, less injuries and a more active team, you’re in the right place


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