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My name is Alix and I am GrowFit’s B.Ed (ECE) Early Childhood Specialist. It has been my role here at GrowFit to help develop a health and well-being program that incorporates an early childhood perspective, ensuring that each session provides the optimal potential for children’s learning, with age appropriate planned experiences that are educationally designed.

As a part of the GrowFit program, a weekly email will be sent to your service ahead of your GrowFit session, outlining the educational program for each class. We have three different classes we offer, Infant Stars (0-2 years), Mini All Stars (2-3 years) and All Stars (3-5 years) and each week our Mini All Star and All Star classes will cover a different health and wellbeing topic. To get an idea, we cover topics about different muscles, healthy eating practices, hygiene, road safety, sun wise practices, and teamwork. The weekly email will explain the key learning concepts, assessment strategies, ideas for further incorporation within the centre programs, integrated music/language/gross motor/imaginative adventure songs, links to the EYLF and NQS as well as further questions for educator reflection after the session.

To get the most out of GrowFit, I ask that you forward on the educational program in advance of the session to your team leaders for inclusion in their programs and to help assist with their weekly planning.

It is also my role here at GrowFit to help guide trainer development in early childhood education, to continually improve their class and behaviour management strategies, how to scaffold and extend learning, modelling appropriate language and interactions and how to promote each child’s agency and positive dispositions towards health and wellbeing learning. So this email is also a fantastic way for you to share with me your trainer feedback and any ideas you may have on how we can improve the GrowFit program within your service.

For our Infant Star class our first 2-3 sessions are based on our trainers building trust and confidence with the children. We understand that this age group can take slightly longer than others to adapt to new people, situations and changes with their routine. We respect their voice and allow these early sessions to be very open ended and spontaneous that can be quickly tailored to the needs and interests of the group. Our trainers will come with a selection of experiences and resources prepared  and assess the structure of the session as they go. After these initial sessions, a weekly topic will drive each session to help engage and guide children into health and gross motor learning. Some of our weekly topics include, transport, colours, the beach, farm animals and under the sea, integrated with gross motor experiences, resources, music and movement.
For the success of this class, we highly advise as much educator participation ( as we do with all classes) to help encourage children to feel safe and secure. Please also remember that our trainers are not included in your educator/child ratio and must never be left alone with children, no matter how great they are with the class.

Below you will find the educational program for your Learn to Grow Week to pass on to your team leaders.

Simply select the Weekly Outcomes Icon to head through all the info.

We also have extension activities, info on our various Not For Profit projects and thought cloud which is where we will be placing relevant articles for educators to read.

Naturally we still have plenty of growing to do as well but we are excited for the road ahead.

If you have any questions about anything I have discussed or if you want to know more, please do not hesitate to email me.

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