So what is empowerment?

Empowerment means to give someone else the ability or power to make his or her own decisions.


How does GrowFit empower our children?

At GrowFit, we are not just working a normal job, we are these kids idols, mentors and Super heroes. These kids look up to us because they see us as fun time. They also want to be like us! We achieve this through properly scaffolding the children’s learning, through positive encouragement, silliness, joy and love. We can give every kid the choice to live a healthier life, even better we can make these kids want to have a healthier life.

‘You can lead a horse to water but you cant make the horse drink’, this may be so but we can make the horse thirsty..

What does this mean?

It means that you can give someone every opportunity to learn or grow but they might not take it, unless we make them want to take that opportunity!

Well how do we do that?

Ask the right questions and you will eventually get the right answers

Ask questions that can lead the children to answer things on their own, at their level.  As you get to know your classes it is easy to scaffold and know where they’re at. If you continually go back over other topics we have covered whether be in warm up or Sam says, you can start asking more and more questions for the kids to work out the answers. This is a great way to empower the kids and have them start to learn to make decisions.

I sit on the ground with my kids and we pretend to pack a healthy lunch before our adventure time.

I start with “what is the most important drink we must bring that we need to pack first?”

If I get “juice”, I don’t say “no, Johnny, you’re wrong!”.

I simply ask another question, ‘Johnny what’s a better option, to keep us hydrated?”…..

“Starts with W.. Wa… Wat…” “Water!”

I go “YESSS, high 5’s all round!”

Then I’ll ask “what’s the next most important thing?”

“Vegetables!” they all yell!


Then what’s after vegetables.. Grass fed meat. Yayay.

Whats the next..  Fruits? Yayay.

Getting the children to think for themselves and ask the right questions is what aim to achieve. It takes time for that to happen but it is well worth it!

Be a Superhero

It is not easy; it’s a lot of fun but its not easy to always be Patrick the superhero for the kids.

Everyone will have their days when they’re down or lethargic.

Tips for being a superhero

  • 6 slow breaths through the nose before every session when I get there in the car
  • I ask myself ‘Why do I do this?’
  • I ask myself ‘Who am I doing this for?’
  • I ask myself ‘ How can I make these kids day the best?’
  • I ask myself ‘How will I feel after this session after I make the kids day?’

The answers are always the same for me

  • I do it because I love it and I want to empower these kids to have the best day and best life
  • I’m doing this for the kids and myself
  • I’m going to be fun, silly and loud and I don’t care how much it hurts ( I train legs every Tuesday before I do my session, and have also hobbled around in pain on numerous occasions after rugby)
  • I always feel so incredible whenever I leave a pre school.

Asking and answering these questions are great ways to be a superhero every time you walk into a centre

So if you’re going to do GrowFit, be a superhero! Bring your enthusiasm and silliness and remember you are a mentor to these kids. Take the opportunity with two hands and love it! I guarantee you will not be disappointed

Love what you do, or don’t do it!

If you want to achieve anything ever, do it with love, it makes everything easier!

“You want to come into my life, the door is open. If you want to get out of my life the door is open. Just one request…

Don’t stand in the door you’re blocking the traffic”

Take the opportunity with two hands and love it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed


Pat Searson