Super Food

There is a lot of talk at the moment about these amazing super foods that are here to save the day! Although there is some merit to in thinking that there is a slight marketing ploy jumping on a bandwagon, and yes it can look expensive on the surface, but I do believe there are large advantages to incorporating these foods into your diet that would benefit the health of you and your family and I possibly your bank balance in the long run!

Here are ten of my favorites;

Avocados: Excellent Source of potassium, fiber, and other healthy fats to improve overall body function

Beans and lentils: Great source of protein, research shows a small cup a day can actually reduce LDL cholesterol levels

Capsicums: Rich in Antioxidants as well as excellent source of Vitamins B, C, E, and K to help keep your body functioning properly and looking beautiful.

Kale: You just can’t get much more nutritious than this, packed with vitamin K and A

Chia Seeds: Fantastic natural source of Omega-3’s, they also contain fiber, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc and much more.

Blueberries: New research has come out saying that this delicious summer treat actually improves your memory and may reduce risk factors for obese men and women. They are also filled with anti-oxidants

– Sweet Potatoes: Apart from in my opinion tasting better then a regular white potato, their benefits are Carotenoids, vitamin C, potassium and fibre. As well as help stabilise blood sugar, making them a great choice for diabetics, and are relatively low in calories

– Salmon: Full of omega-3 fats and contains lots of vitamin D and selenium for bones, nails, hair and skin.

– Eggs: Protein, protein, protein and also provide quite a dose of vitamin D, vitamin B-12, selenium, and choline.

Eggs also contain some of the highest levels of amino acids in protein-based foods also high in amino acids to build muscles and promote proper body function. Research has also shown that egg eaters have a higher intake of nearly all nutrients compared with those who don’t eat eggs.

Quinoa: Ever since I discovered my intolerance to gluten this has been fantastic, I also just like to say the word… Apart from that Quinoa is high in protein and magnesium, iron, and is high in phosphorus, which promotes tooth enamel strength

With the all round health benefits of these foods you will surely see long term saving of doctor and chemist bills, as well as actually feeling naturally healthier.

And remember ‘Being Fit is Fun!’