There is nothing better than watching your little one learn something new!

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Be confident that your child will have the coordination to exceed in any sport of their choosing

No more tantrums in the snack aisle and your child will go to bed on time

You will even have your weekends back!

Wouldn’t that be nice? 

The road to a happy & healthy life is easy 

you just need to know the way.

Children learn more in the first 5 years of their life 

than they do for the remainder of it.

Did you know?

Neuroscience research has revealed a crucial window of opportunity between birth and 5 years old.

90 percent of a child’s brain development occurs, and at a lightning-fast pace.

Every sight, smell, sound and sensation makes an impact. Long before most children step foot into a classroom, neurons are building networks, cognition is exploding, language, movement, social skills, imagination, creativity is developing and the foundations are being laid for a lifetime of learning.

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Over 10,000 children have engaged in the GrowFit program 

Heres what their parents thought….

Be confident that your child will have the coordination to exceed in any sport of their choosing

Each of our three programs; Infant Stars, Mini All Stars and All Stars, challenges children’s development, through a mixture of play-based and structured games and activities.

We use imagination based obstacle courses such as: Escape from the Treasure Cave, GrowFit Bear Hunt, Cycle to the Farm and Space and Back where children blast off to space crash landing on planets and moons all over the galaxy.

This multi sensory experience allows children to use their imagination as they hear the sounds of the adventure while they perform functional movement exercises needed to improve their coordination, hand to eye and general core strength.

We also step each child through over 40 different sports

Up to 20 different in every term! 

Here are a few examples

  • Cricket 101Just like the Aussie Cricket team we have to go back to basics. Children first play games to improve their hitting, throwing, catching and agility to their ability.

  • Soccer All StarsChildren step into the world of football just like their favourite football stars in the A-league. We run ball drills to improve their speed and agility, accuracy and soccer skills and correct technique.

  • GrowFit Open – How to hold a tennis racket with one hand, first hitting the ball out of their own hand and eventually being able to hit the ball back and forth with their friends.

There is a HUGE difference between a 1 year old & a 5 year old!

So we have 3 specialised classes to ensure your little one gets exactly what they need

1-2 years

2-3 years

3-5 years

GrowFit Program Options

We offer two great options when you enrol your child in the GrowFit Program, which both come with our GrowFit 100% Fun Guarantee!

If your child is not having fun after 3 sessions, we will give you a full refund for the whole term.

That never happens... but hey, the offer is there!

No more tantrums in the snack aisle, your child will even go to bed on time

With the phrase:

What would Sam the GrowFit man say….

Have you ever been that embarrassed parent in the snack aisle of Woolies? 

Of course it’s your child who is throwing one glass-breaking tantrum, because they really need a Kinda Surprise or a packet of chips or something with a Minion. 

This little performance does not happen for GrowFit parents, the smarter of the parents in our opinion. 

All the clever, GrowFit parents would have to relay is, what would Sam the GrowFit Man say….

GrowFit children know that these types of food are only sometimes foods and not for everyday.

A smarter parent is a happier parent wouldn’t you say?  

Every week we teach our children, we’re also teaching their parents. 

The secrets to a healthy and active life isn’t a mystery. 

But there seems to be more things to remember than learning ancient history.

So we’re here to help! 

Get your weekends back!

Rushing from one activity to the next is not the way to spend precious Saturday and Sunday mornings.

After work the last thing you want to be doing is rushing your little one around to the next activity! 

Evenings are family time, spent cooking a nutritious dinner together, taking the pup for a walk. 

Weekends are for adventures, to see where the road takes you. 

GrowFit Classes are all run within your early learning centre, no need to rush from one place to the other. 

Now breathe… 

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