Gross Motor Exercise 18 – Balance & Coordination Games

Perfect for children aged 2 – 4

What You’ll need

  • 2 educators
  • One large rope

Number of children: 5 – 10


  • Improve Depth perception

  • Improve Jumping

  • Improve Timing

  • Improve Balance

  • Improve Agility

The set up

Ensure you have a nice clear space, preferably on flat ground. Stretch the rope out along the designated jump zone.


Have the children stand next to the rope and jump from one side to the other.

As the children advance, the educators can begin to move the rope from left to right increasing the difficulty of the game.

Simple Steps

Step 1 – Clear a safe area

Step 2 – Stretch the rope out across the area between two educators  

Step 3 – Describe, demonstrate and demonstrate again.

Step 4 – Encourage children to jump from one side of the rope to the other