Hi there,

It’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer and there are so many things happening for GrowFit right now.

First up, I’d like to give a big GrowFit welcome to James Logan and Dean Benigni , I’m very excited to have them both as part of the team.


Dean Head shot circle




We also have a little bit of sad news too, we are saying goodbye and good luck to two of our trainers Anita and Saxon, who are moving on to further opportunities. They will be sorely missed by their fellow trainers and their GrowFit kids.

Anita’s classes will be taken over by Dean and Taylor and Saxon’s will be taken over by me.

I’d also like to congratulation Pat Searson who is now a team leader for the Hills District. We’re very excited to see Pat take on this new role.

Pats Head Shot circle

We have been hard at work over the school holiday’s improving our program.We have been listening to your suggestions and have a few new worksheets including; Breakfast! Sam’s favourite meal, Teamwork, Why do we stretch and Super Veggies.

Super Carrot
We are ensuring that your child has as much fun as possible, as well as learning and improving their necessary gross motor and healthy life skills. This is the age of knowledge in a child’s life, so take advantage of it, talk to your child about healthy living, healthy eating and lead by example!To help you along the way our new website is packed full of health tips, interesting articles and healthy recipes so you can always stay one step ahead of your little GrowFit Kid!
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