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Kidz on Porter Case Study

We sat down with one of partnered centre directors Hayley, for Kids on Porter in Ryde. Learn how she used GrowFit to promote her centre and build her daily occupancy. GrowFit on Instagram Contact us now to see how your pre-school can...

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Meet Gareth

Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology Hey, my name is Gareth and I’m completing my masters in clinical exercise physiology. It is my goal to make exercise enjoyable for the young, old, healthy and those with physical impairments. I hope to educate anyone...

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Da Fit Club Term 1 2019

Da Fit Club is an opportunity to get sports back into home life. Our ponder was, “How can we get Mum’s and Dad’s excited about playing new sports with their kids?” The answer, send them a bunch of new toys to play with every term, and send them heaps of...

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Da Fit Club Pack 2

We are now in our third year of having GrowFit partner with us. I am always on the lookout for extra curricula activities which complement our programs at PPK. GrowFit programs follow the NQF/EYLF, and have qualified and friendly staff who bring energy to...

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Quick, Healthy & Delicious Dinner

Get the kids to mix and roll! Looking for a quick, healthy, and delicious option for dinner?  Here’s a great recipe for those hectic weekday nights from This hearty meal can be made in under an hour or if you have the time you can simmer the sauce...

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GrowFit Games 2016

GrowFit Games 2016 Being the very special Olympic year, our GrowFit team decided to put on our very own special Olympic themed session on, for all our amazing kids. The children learnt when then Olympics began, and discussed the sports that the athlete compete in and...

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Winter is here!

The days are getting colder and shorter! It is so tempting to stay inside where it's warm and comfortable.It's also just as tempting to allow our children's hours of screen time to creep up..... but what else can they do? Just how can we keep them active inside when...

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Nanna Nanna Nanna Nanna SUPER FOOD!

There is a lot of talk at the moment about these amazing super foods that are here to save the day! Although there is some merit to in thinking that there is a slight marketing ploy jumping on a bandwagon, and yes it can look expensive on the surface, but I do believe...

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Video Blog: Healthy Pizza

Every week at our GrowFit Sessions we play a game where the children create a healthy lunch... And every week without fail we have at least one child yell out 'PIZZA'... Now pizza can be healthy if done correctly. So here is an example of a healthy home made pizza!...

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The Importance of Being Hydrated

It may seem obvious and it may seem simple – but it’s just so important that it’s worth being said… Drinking enough water is vital to your health and wellbeing. As adults, we can moderate this for ourselves – we often notice if we are becoming dehydrated, we pick up...

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Adults Stretch Program

  Kids may be born to move and jump around, but if they don't see their parents making fitness a priority the they will have no way of know what is important. So as adults we need to set good example to our children. Go out side and play with your children show them...

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