The days are getting colder and shorter!

It is so tempting to stay inside where it’s warm and comfortable.It’s also just as tempting to allow our children’s hours of screen time to creep up….. but what else can they do? Just how can we keep them active inside when its cold, dark and sometimes wet outside?

Here are a few idea’s worth trying with your children.

Inside games

Quoits – remember that good old fashioned game where you throw a ring over a post? I was in Kmart the other day and noticed that they have brought out a range of these older style games such as quoits, marbles, elastics etc.
A variation for younger preschoolers might be holding up a laundry basket and encouraging them to throw small stuffed toys in while you catch them. Great for their eye/hand coordination.

Skipping – back the car out and try some skipping in the garage. Tie the rope to a pole if there are only two of you and swing the other end for your child. For those too little to manage this, just swing the rope gently back and forth or lay it on the floor and jump back and forth over it .

Follow the leader – put on some of your child’s favourite energetic music and have them follow your lead. Try star jumps, touch your toes, reach to the sky, turn around, touch the ground, sway back and forth in time to the music…kids will love trying to keep up as you swap actions. Let them be the leader as well.
Hopscotch – find an old sheet and a permanent marker and draw a hopscotch grid. If you are brave enough you might let the kids decorate it with coloured markers or even paints! Teach them how to throw their marker and hop on the squares. For the little ones jumping instead of hopping is an achievable option. A great game to develop coordination and balance as well as counting!
Hoops – there is so much fun to be had with a hoop! Encourage creativity by exploring what you can do eg. jumping in and out, climbing through, spinning the hoop on body parts, holding up the hoop while they toss a soft ball through etc. Music and hoops are so much fun together as well!!
At this age our children are primarily sensory motor learners so the more they move, feel, see, hear and do the more new connections are being formed in their young brains.
One of the best ways to get your child up and moving is to be involved yourself and just let go and have fun! If mum and/or dad are having fun you won’t be able to stop them wanting to join in!

AnnetteAdministration Manager