Words Matter

Peak behind the curtain, here is our Curriculum Coordinator and CoFounder Alix Searson leading the discussion at our latest team training day. The language we use with children makes a lasting impact on their development.

In a longterm study carried out by Stanford and Chicago Universities in 2013, results found that children develop a greater preparedness for future challenges when their educators celebrate their efforts instead of their innate qualities.

Watch as Alix takes our team through scenarios of how we can support children’s language development, through the language we CHOOSE to use with them. We can all be better, we just need to make that choice.

If you choose to have us on your team know that our programs are developed child first, and we endeavour to ensure our team is well educated on the latest in best practices and higher thinking.

Over all our aim is for children to learn how to manage and regulate their own feelings and behaviours

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